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Everyone knows that SEO plays an important when it comes to ranking a website on Google. However, everyone must be wonder what an SEO company does to get your website rank on Google. To make things easy for you and get the right answer to your question in this article, We have mentioned all the strategies that Strive Digi Tech –SEO company in Mohali follows to rank your website.

Many things happen in an SEO company, but they follow the ROCKET strategy to expand the business. R.O.C.K.E.T. stands for Research, Optimize, Content, Keywords, Earned Media and Links, and Testing. So let us see in detail what ROCKET’s strategy is.

Research: The best SEO strategies start with in-depth analysis. This step concentrates on learning about your company, products or services, and industry. It also examines the online tactics of your competitors, as well as reports your website.

A quick review of the “R” in research:

  • Analyze your competitors and their websites in-depth
  • Evaluate your server and your site
  • Review your website for SEO, as well as mobile-friendliness

Optimize: Following a comprehensive assessment of your site, competitors, and company, your SEO agency begins optimizing your website for search. This level covers small- and large-scale updates to your website, such as increasing your site’s usability or improving your title tags on select web pages.

A quick summary of the “O” in Optimize:

  • Setup Google Analytics account and goals
  • Improve website usability for users
  • Update website structure and content design for maximum usability
  • Optimize images, title tags, and meta descriptions for particular keywords and user intentions
  • Plan and improve Google My Business profile for research and users
  • Resolve duplicate content and other technical SEO errors

Content: Without content, search engines have nothing to rank. That’s why SEO agencies not only optimize present content but also create new content. This content does more than target keywords important to your business — it also produces your target audience with helpful answers.

A quick overview of the “C” in content:

  • Increase existing content to assure it answers user questions
  • Generate new content ideas that target relevant keywords and target audience members
  • Design optimized website copy, blog posts, infographics, guides, and more

Keyword: Throughout the R.O.C.K.E.T. process, your SEO company explores valuable and relevant keywords. Keywords are the base for your SEO strategy, which is why your agency reviews you and your competitors’ websites. It’s also why they use excellent keyword research tools.

A quick summary of the “K” in Keywords:

  • Analyze keyword strategy of competitors
  • Research relevant, high-value keywords for products or services
  • Generate a list of keywords to target across your website

Earned Media and Links: Your ranking in search results depends on more than 200 off-page and on-page factors. While on-page factors — like a web page’s URL, images, and title tag — come from your website, offline elements — like a link from one site to another — come from other websites.

As a part of Earned Media and Links, your SEO agency increases your off-page ranking factors. That means your agency searches for valuable opportunities to share your content with trusted sites in your industry.

A quick summary of the “E” in Earned Media and Links:

  • Earn appropriate mentions for your site’s content, like a blog post, from popular websites
  • Improve your content to trusted, go-to administrators or websites in your industry
  • Help your content, like an infographic, go viral to receive valuable remarks from sites

Testing: Unlike traditional marketing, SEO allows your business and SEO agency to adapt to changes fast. A smart SEO agency will take advantage of this feature. We continually search for improvement areas and provide recommendations for test elements and make one per cent better.

A quick summary of the “T” in Testing:

  • Generate new and compelling C.T.A.s that influence your target audience to act
  • Examine your audience’s growth path and look for areas of improvement
  • Track your R.O.I. to spot new opportunities for increasing your ROI

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