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Responsive Web Designing

Nowadays, with emergence of various devices mobiles, tablets, desktop a website can be viewed on any one of it. But, how will your website adjust accordingly? Currently we have few things, but in future there could be more such devices, what can we do for this problem? The answer is simple, Responsive web designing! It has following benefits –


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  1. Smooth designing

             A well designed responsive website should be smooth in working, so the only option you have is STRIVE DIGI TECH!

  1. Teamwork

            A good team delivers the best output, and that’s why STRIVE DIGI TECH is known for the best Responsive web design Service  in Mohali.

  1. Leadership qualities

           Each and every employee of our team is a leader of his own project, and this sense of responsibility helps them providing finest quality of services.

What is Responsive Web Designing?

 A process of designing your website in such a way, that it responds to the user’s screen size, platform and device orientation. It is a dynamic approach, as the website should change according to the screen size of the user. The user may use anything like iPad, mobile phone, tab or P.C.

Why is Responsive designing important?

When users’ can use any device, it is important that they like your website in any of the device. And if they see that they don’t have to take any extra effort for viewing your website, they will surely be happy. So, responsive designing is necessary for your website.

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