How to handle negative feedback the right way

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How to handle negative feedback the right way

How to handle negative feedback the right way

Marketers know firsthand the importance of negative feedback. While it may be hard to hear, it’s errors or missteps that move us forward in terms of growth and development. When one faces negative comments & reviews online, they may be inclined to lose sight of the bigger picture. However, look at this type of criticism as an opportunity for self-improvement!

It can be very helpful in improving your business performance. Keep in mind that not all negative feedback reporting online will always be accurate. While there are also times when positive customer reviews are fabricated with falsified information, most often these inaccurate critiques are written out of sheer malice with the intention to make a company suffer defeat.

Regardless of whether you believe what you read on the Internet or not, neither is good for business.

We all love to get compliments, which makes us feel great. We’d do almost anything for those praises, but have you ever heard someone receiving positive feedback? Very little!

That’s just because we don’t like bragging and giving praise to others, and we hardly appreciate others’ compliments and well-wishes. But what happens when we actually receive something we don’t like or we do anything wrong? Shocking or disappointing? Agreeably, it is difficult to hear – especially in front of a wider audience!

Have you ever thought about how to deal with such uncomfortable situations? Here are some helpful tips that will come in handy the next time you’re trying to respond calmly to criticism:

1. Pause, learn and review it.

The best way to respond to a negative comment is to listen first. Show that you’re listening by pausing the conversation just long enough to demonstrate that you are taking in what is being said. Truly listening allows us to think about what the intention of the reviewer might be. At this point, it’s important not to get caught up on our emotions! Remind yourself that although some comments might appear hurtful, the reviewer likely has good intentions – otherwise, why would they bother providing feedback?! If there are concrete facts that back up the person’s analysis, then you can always respectfully ask them if they could share it with you so that you can improve your plans moving forward.

2. Ignore or move on

Some feedback comes from people who either don’t know about your field or who aren’t ever likely to. Comments like that can be hard to ignore and may get you down, but they aren’t always helpful when it comes right down to it. So just let them go, even if at times you feel like you would do anything in order to respond to these unreasonable remarks with some criticism of your own. By responding you are just giving more attention to something that’s best left alone.

3. See positivity in the comments

If you are in a job and you receive negative feedback from your manager or boss, it means they care about your progress. If you are a business owner and receive negative reviews, it means you have an opportunity to improve your services so that it doesn’t happen again. Try to find something to take away from the harsh things being said about your work. It helps entrepreneurs to grow by improving their service delivery to avoid any past mistakes in the future. We all can learn that criticism is not always meant as a bad thing – the best way to deal with it is to take criticism as something that can help us to grow! 

4. Accept and own it

Being humans, we tend to get defensive when someone criticizes us or gives us some feedback that may help us improve in some way. Negative feedback is better received when you analyze it with the intent of improving on things either with yourself or your business. Never let it affect you emotionally because if you do, it seems more like an attack. Make sure the feedback is constructive rather than destructive because destructive feedback will almost always be rooted in jealousy or some other motive at play!

Final thoughts

Everyone has been on the receiving end of a bad comment or review at some time in their lives, even online businessman and entrepreneurs. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to deal with negative comments and reviews. All you need is a good feedback mechanism you can use to make your customers feel heard and to understand where they’re coming from by keeping an open mind when reading their feedback which will help you learn from what they say or point out. You can then respond in a way that doesn’t seem defensive which helps instead of making people hate the brand more. Just try not to let one impulsive response suddenly blow up into a much bigger problem for yourself by being professional!

How to handle negative feedback the right way

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