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Which image format is better for the Website? PNG or JPG:

When creating a website, make careful to utilize JPG and PNG pictures in the appropriate context. But what is the distinction between the two, and which should you implement in your designs? We’ll go through what they are, how they came to be, and how to utilize them correctly.  When creating a website, make careful […]

4 CRM Software for Small Business

CRM allows you to centrally store and manage prospect and customer information such as contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities. You’ll see that it’s more than simply a nice contact list. Finally, a CRM solution is a game-changing piece of technology for any business imaginable, from retail and manufacturing to real estate and construction. […]

Strive Digi tech


Everyone knows that SEO plays an important when it comes to ranking a website on Google. However, everyone must be wonder what an SEO company does to get your website rank on Google. To make things easy for you and get the right answer to your question in this article, We have mentioned all the […]

SEO services in Mohali

Embrace The Surging Importance of SEO

Building a business isn’t a cakewalk, as is. Add to that the widespread of the pandemic where the loss of all kinds is widely prevailing. It is becoming tough to cope with the pressures of booming the business when the people are afraid to go out of the house, let alone enter stores to make […]